Thursday, July 2, 2009

Off to a very rocky start

Day 2

I can't do much since the cameras and lenses are still at home and I'm still at work 250 miles away. This is getting boring I know.

Passing the time and filling up space...

Yesterday I gave a brief lists of films I plan to use initially. In light of Kodak's recent announcement, I will definitely use the 10-15 rolls of Kodachrome that I have on ice. I have 7 rolls of APX 25 (Thanks Kevin!) that I keep overlooking as well. Oldest film in first!

On Tuesday the mailman delivered a pinhole body cap for the Pentax 6x7. I will put that to good use to break the monotony of 35mm photography. I probably have more old 120 film than old 35mm film. Way past time to use it up.

Tomorrow. Returning home. Bigfoot & Bubba will be loaded. I'm behind schedule already.


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