Friday, July 3, 2009

I can get started now

Day 3

Back at home. Me, Bigfoot, Bubba, the 3 lenses and a pile of film are all in one place. Time to get busy.

Darren at the Rangefinder Forum asked if I had one film and delevoper in mind. That got me to think about what films and developers I have. Quite a list. Very contrary to the 1 film, 1 developer advice dispensed over and over.


In my previous photographic life in the 60s & 70s, I used D-76 1:1 and Rodinal exclusive. In my current photographic life, I am exploring Xtol 1:3 with Rodinal for special purposes. I really don't know if i will use the other developers I have.

35mm film on hand:

200' bulk Ilford PanF+
6-8 rolls Ilford Delta 100
7 rolls Agfa APX25, for the Rodinal!
8 rolls Arista Premium 100
10 rolls Arista Premium 400
10-12 rolls Kodachrome

That's a lot of film. More than I would have used in several years long ago. I really must get busy!


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