Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Free at last!

March 11, 2016. A day that I often thought would never arrive.
I retired. Quit. Left Houston, Texas for good.
I've been back at home in the Deep East Texas Rain Forest since March, 13, 2016.
Feels good.
The blog will hopefully resume on a slightly more regular basis.
Dusting of cameras. New bits of hardware to experiment and learn with. I am particularly looking forward to using a Canon FD 35mm/2.0 S.S.C. lens on a garage sale find Canon A-1 body. This brings my total number of 35mm lenses to 3, lagging far behind my ridiculous number of 50mm lenses. I've frankly lost count. Perhaps an inventory is in order.
I should have the Epson 1680 scanner up and running by the weekend. New film exposing and developing needs to resume while the tap water is still at a reasonable temperature.
It's great to be back. Take care, Y'all.
That's all for now.


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