Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Something Special

In honor of tomorrow's date...

How's this for a Theme: 9 photos with 9 cameras on 9 types of film on September 9, 2009?

I better start planning for October 10, 2010. :grin:

The news tomorrow from Leica will overshadow my feeble efforts. Some secret, hey?

When I can collect my thoughts, I'll put up a few words about how it never rains but it pours. I thought I could live with 2 cameras and 3 lenses for a year. Deals to good to pass up came my way. Generosity beyond my wildest imagination. European cameras and lenses dropping out of the sky. August was an interesting month.

I have a 3010 tank full of sheet film and 3 rolls of Tmax 100 waiting for me tonight. Bigfoot & Bubba have been seriously neglected.

Can you say, "501 & 80mm Planar & Tech V?"

Tomorrow will be a busy day.



  1. Wayne,
    I like your work. I am in the process of buying a hasselblad 500 and I was hoping you would be willing to show me how to load the film. i think i will be getting two backs. the A12 and A16. I live in beaumont but make regular trips to houston for work. Maybe i could buy coffee and you could show me the ropes? email me at stdjmb64@shsu.edu thanks.
    John Martin

  2. What kind of cretinous loser names his cameras? Beyond that, Bigfoot and Bubba?

  3. John,

    My humble aploligies for ignoring my own blog. Thank you for your kind words. Did you buy a Hasselblad? Did you learn how to load it? It's simple if you watch the Youtube video.


    The kind who can.

    Cheers! Merry Christmas.